TLP currently has very limited functionality on Fedora (F38 and later):

  • Power saving profiles are not applied when switching from AC to battery (or vice versa)

  • The Radio Device Wizard does not work

  • Trace mode does not work

The problem lies in SELinux denials that prevent the configuration files from being read. You can work around the problem for the time being by setting SELinux to permissive, but you should be aware of the impact on system security.

To help get this resolved, please file a Fedora bug (package selinux-policy) or a GitHub issue for your SELinux denials (refer to Troubleshooting problems related to SELinux).


  • Officially supported Fedora releases


Execute the commands below in a root shell or with with a preceding sudo.

Package Installation

TLP packages are available from the official Fedora repositories:

Hint: packages for RHEL/CentOS are available from the EPEL repositories.

Install the packages either with your favorite package manager or the command:

dnf install tlp tlp-rdw

Uninstall the conflicting power-profiles-daemon package:

dnf remove power-profiles-daemon

See also

FAQ: power-profiles-daemon

Service Units

To complete the installation you must enable TLP’s service:

systemctl enable tlp.service

You should also mask the following services to avoid conflicts and assure proper operation of TLP’s Radio Device Switching options:

systemctl mask systemd-rfkill.service systemd-rfkill.socket

See also

FAQ: Service units

ThinkPads only: External Kernel Modules


Fedora 36 was released with Linux kernel 5.17. In combination with TLP 1.5 or newer it offers full battery care support (i.e. charge thresholds and recalibration) for ThinkPads from model year 2011 onwards.

Therefore no external kernel modules are required and you do not need to proceed any further here.

However, continue reading if your ThinkPad model is from 2011 or older.

ThinkPad models before 2011 (i.e. T410/X201 and older) require the external kernel module tp_smapi to provide battery charge thresholds and recalibration. For T420/X220 (model year 2011) only tp_smapi is not a hard requirement but they benefit by having tlp-stat -b display the battery cycle count and other additional information. The output of tlp-stat -b will recommend to install tp_smapi accordingly.

The necessary packages are not available from the official Fedora repositories. Instead you need to add the RPM Fusion and ThinkPad Extras repositories:

dnf install https://download1.rpmfusion.org/free/fedora/rpmfusion-free-release-$(rpm -E %fedora).noarch.rpm
dnf install https://repo.linrunner.de/fedora/tlp/repos/releases/tlp-release.fc$(rpm -E %fedora).noarch.rpm


Above steps are only needed on a new installation of Fedora but not after release upgrades.

Required packages:

  • kernel-devel (Fedora repo) – Needed to build the kernel module from the akmod package

  • akmod-tp_smapi (ThinkPad Extras repo) – optional – External kernel module source providing battery charge thresholds and recalibration

Install either with your favorite package manager or the command

dnf install kernel-devel akmod-tp_smapi

New packages are available first in the testing repository:

dnf --enablerepo=tlp-updates-testing install kernel-devel akmod-tp_smapi


  • The akmod-* package is provided “as is” by a volunteer, it is not part of the TLP project

  • Please do not file issues if it is not yet available for the latest Fedora version, better watch the tlp-updates-testing repository

  • In case of difficulties installing, please ask for help in your preferred Fedora forum


How to validate the Repository Keys

Kernel module packages provided by the ThinkPad Extras repository for Fedora are signed with a release specific key. Yo may check the fingerprint with the following procedure.

  1. Download the key:

wget https://repo.linrunner.de/fedora/tlp/repos/RPM-GPG-KEY-tlp-fedora-39-primary
  1. Get the fingerprint:

gpg -n -q --import --import-options import-show RPM-GPG-KEY-tlp-fedora-39-primary
  1. Check that the resulting fingerprint matches the fingerprint from the list below.

  2. If they match, import the key:

rpm --import RPM-GPG-KEY-tlp-fedora-39-primary



61A3 F536 A295 C543 C90B 6583 F211 4CD7 DD65 A6C4


18E9 1496 E81A 2040 F94E C306 B3BE 4F28 7F13 C3C8


666F 0F62 9C09 5486 7FA9 7C55 4E41 F248 779F E8EE


B1F7 4D6D 9F56 93BB 1A9C 9D64 85F1 A909 051D B38A


65C4 7531 819C 6D74 33BE 25D5 5052 26CB 40D9 3801


1E4F 2F53 A348 6025 FC4E FD86 7704 0BAF FA30 D1C8