USB Devices

USB device not working

Symptom: some USB devices do not work reliable when TLP activates USB autosuspend mode.

Solution: lookup the corresponding USB device ID with lsusb, add it to USB_DENYLIST and reconnect the device.


All input devices (driver usbhid), libsane-supported scanners and (as of version 1.4) audio devices get excluded by default. It’s therefore unnecessary to put them on the USB_DENYLIST. To circumvent the default for certain devices enter the IDs into USB_ALLOWLIST.

USB devices not working on battery power


  • Newly inserted USB devices are not recognized on battery power

  • Bluetooth, Webcam, and other USB bus devices stop working after switching to battery power

Affected hardware: ThinkPad E595 AMD, T495 AMD, T495s AMD.

Related issues: #436, #587.

Workarounds (please try one by one):

  • Disable runtime power management for USB3 controllers by adding xhci_hcd to the denylist

    RUNTIME_PM_DRIVER_DENYLIST="mei_me nouveau radeon xhci_hcd"

    Version 1.3: use RUNTIME_PM_DRIVER_BLACKLIST instead

  • Disable runtime power management for AHCI devices

  • Disable runtime power management for AHCI the disk controllers by adding ahci to the denylist:

    RUNTIME_PM_DRIVER_DENYLIST="mei_me nouveau radeon ahci"

    Version 1.3: use RUNTIME_PM_DRIVER_BLACKLIST instead

USB_EXCLUDE_BTUSB=1 does not disable autosuspend

Symptom: the USB bluetooth device has autosuspend enabled after boot or after suspend/resume. tlp-stat -u shows:

Bus 001 Device 004 ID 8087:0a2b control = auto, autosuspend_delay_ms = 2000 -- Intel Corp.  (btusb)

Cause: the btusb kernel driver itself enforces autosuspend (Kconfig CONFIG_BT_HCIBTUSB_AUTOSUSPEND=y).

Solution: add the boot option btusb.enable_autosuspend=0 to your GRUB configuration.

Smartphone does not charge when connected

Solution: exclude the smartphone from autosuspend by configuring


Version 1.3: use USB_BLACKLIST_PHONE instead

Then reconnect the device.

Nvidia Jetson devices not detected in recovery mode

Symptom: the device cannot be flashed with SDK Manager, the error message reads:

Could not detect target hardware. Please make sure the target hardware is
connected and is in recovery mode, click OK and RETRY.

Solution: add the USB device ID to USB_DENYLIST


and reconnect the device. Several Jetson devices with different IDs exist. Lookup the corresponding ID with lsusb | grep '0955' or check the list referenced below.