TLP’s source code is hosted on GitHub. The repository holds the following branches:

  • master – current development – releases are tagged with VERSION
  • debian/current – Debian/Ubuntu packing for current releases
  • debian/legacy – Debian/Ubuntu packing for old releases (deprecated, unmaintained)

Obtain the current development version with

git clone git:// tlp.git
cd tlp.git

Checkout the master branch

git checkout master

or a release version

git checkout VERSION


Please base your pull requests on the master branch.

The current changelog for the development version is here.

Download release tarballs at the Release page.

Building Packages

Debian / Ubuntu

  1. Install the package
  • packaging-dev – Metapackage providing common packaging tools
  1. Checkout debian/current branch

    git checkout -b debian/current origin/debian/current
  2. Checkout master branch

    git checkout master
  3. Populate debian/ with

    rm -rf debian/*
    git checkout debian/current -- debian
    git rm -r --cached debian
  4. Edit debian/changelog to your needs (optional).

  5. Build binary packages with

    dpkg-buildpackage -b -tc -i.git

Arch Linux

Packages tracking the master branch are available in the AUR:

Installing from Source

  1. Checkout the master branch (see Code).

  2. In the tlp.git/ directory

    make install
    make install-man
    systemctl enable tlp.service


Check Makefile options to customize make install to your distribution’s requirements.


Depending on your distribution’s specifics make install may not produce a working TLP installation, thus your mileage may vary.