target Purpose
install-tlp Install files for package tlp
install-rdw Install files for package tlp-rdw
install Install files for tlp and tlp-rdw
install-man Install manpages for tlp and tlp-rdw
install-man-tlp Install manpages for package tlp
install-man-rdw Install manpages for package tlp-rdw
uninstall-tlp Uninstall files for package tlp
uninstall-rdw Uninstall files for package tlp-rdw
uninstall Uninstall files for tlp and tlp-rdw
uninstall-man Uninstall manpages for tlp and tlp-rdw
uninstall-man-tlp Uninstall manpages for package tlp
uninstall-man-rdw Uninstall manpages for package tlp-rdw
checkall Excute all check targets below
checkbashisms Check all shell scripts for bashisms
checkdupconst Check shell scripts for duplicate constant definitions
checkwip Check shell scripts for comments indicating work in progress
perlcritic Check perl scripts with perlcritic
shellcheck Check shell scripts with ShellCheck


Parameter Default value Values / Purpose
DESTDIR (empty) Prefix for all install directories
TLP_CONF /etc/default/tlp
[from 1.3] Deprecated
[before 1.3] User configuration
TLP_CONFDEF /usr/share/tlp/defaults.conf [from 1.3] Intrinsic default configuration
TLP_CONFDIR /etc/tlp.d [from 1.3] Directory for drop-in customizations
TLP_CONFUSR /etc/tlp.conf [from 1.3] User configuration
TLP_BIN /usr/bin Install directory
TLP_ELOD /lib/elogind/system-sleep [from 1.2] Install directory elogind suspend/resume script
TLP_FLIB /usr/share/tlp/func.d [from 1.2] Install directory for function libs
TLP_MAN /usr/share/man Install directory for manpages
TLP_META /usr/share/metainfo Install directory for AppStream metadata
TLP_NMDSP /etc/NetworkManager/dispatcher.d Install directory for NM scripts
TLP_NO_BASHCOMP 0 1=do not install tlp/tlp-rdw.bash_completion
TLP_NO_INIT 0 1=do not install tlp.init
TLP_NO_TPACPI 0 1=do not install tpacpi-bat
TLP_RUN /run/tlp Directory for runtime data (volatile)
TLP_SBIN /usr/sbin Install directory
TLP_SHCPL /usr/share/bash-completion/completions Install directory for bash completion rules
TLP_SYSD /lib/systemd/system Install directory for systemd units
TLP_SDSL /lib/systemd/system-sleep [from 1.3] Install directory for systemd suspend/resume hooks
TLP_SYSV /etc/init.d Install directory for sysvinit script
TLP_TLIB /usr/share/tlp Install directory for function libs
TLP_ULIB /lib/udev Install directory for udev scripts
TLP_VAR /var/lib/tlp [from 1.2.2] persistent storage directory
[from 1.2.2] 1
[1.2.1] 0
1=install elogind script
[from 1.2.2] 1
[until 1.2.1] 0
1=install systemd unit files